Human Interface Technology Lab

at Howest University of Applied Sciences

In the “Human Interface Technology Lab” (HITlab), affiliated with Howest University of Applied Sciences, we are interested in humans in interaction with technology. HITlab focuses on various topics, ranging from measuring behavioral and (neuro-)physiological responses of users, to the development of adaptive and immersive applications that can respond to the mental state of the user. You will find both state-of-the-art measuring equipment that is typically used in a lab environment (such as high-end eye-tracking and body-tracking systems and EEG equipment for measuring brain activity) as well as user-friendly and cheaper systems that can be used in a real-life settings (such as mobile eye trackers and wearables). We also have the latest VR and AR systems at our disposal. We conduct research in various sectors, ranging from occupational therapy to industry 4.0.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

It is our vision that XR technology will drive the interfaces of the future. By developing POCs with XR technology together with companies that are in our network, we intend to demonstrate the potential of these interfaces to various sectors, not only to the hard and technological sectors, but also to the soft sectors, such as applied psychology, occupational therapy, pedagogics,...

Eye and action tracking

By tracking where a person is looking at and what actions she/he is performing during interactions with technology we try to understand her/his needs, build insightful dashboards and build adaptive applications.

Bio- & Neurometrics

Tracking the (neuro-)physiological responses of a user can help us to understand the mental processes of that user in an objective and quantifiable manner. The latest techniques in data science allow us understand these human data streams and will allow us to build intelligent systems that understand the user and can adapt to the user.



At hitlab we believe that mixing technology experts with experts in human and data sciences will allow us to develop prototypes of solutions in various sectors that are not only based on solid science, but are also applicable in the field, outside the laboratory. We love to collaborate with specialists in various sectors to build solutions that solve relevant challenges in their field.


A first goal of hitlab is to support companies that want to innovate and experiment with new technologies of our expertise. We aim at participating in projects with larger consortia of universities or other research institutions to support larger groups of companies such as ICON projects and TETRA projects and in projects to support individual companies in development projects or research projects, as a subcontractor or research partner.

A second goal of hitlab is to collaborate with the different student programs of Howest and to act as a facilitator to implement the technologies in their research projects and to disseminate the relevant theoretical and practical knowledgde we have gained in projects to the students.

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    dr. Jelle Demanet

    Manager | Cognitive scientist

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    Laetitia De Leersnijder

    Researcher | Experimental psychologist

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    dr. Athanasia Symeonidou

    Researcher | XR Developer

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    dr. Charlotte Larmuseau

    Researcher | Educational technology

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    Sam Van de Walle

    Researcher | Game developer

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    Siemon Verreyken

    Researcher | XR developer

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    Lode Sabbe

    Researcher | Occupational Therapist

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    Arthur d'Hooge

    Intern | AI engineer

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    Thibault D'Haese

    Intern | AI engineer

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