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At HITlab we are interested in humans in interaction with technology. Our projects range from measuring behavioral and (neuro-)physiological responses of users, to the development of adaptive and immersive applications that can respond to the mental state of the user. We conduct research in various sectors such as occupational therapy, industrie 4.0 and many more.

ExpertGaze - TETRA project

  • Research

    We investigate how new measurement technologies, whether or not in combination with immersive forms of digital interfaces, can offer added value in building competences and supporting people during their job.

  • Eye tracking

    How can we use these technologies to capture and understand the expertise of experts and how can these insights contribute to the training, guidance and/or accreditation of non-experts?

  • Tech transfer

    We translate the already accumulated and available knowledge about measurement technologies and immersive interfaces such as VR/AR into concrete challenges for our partners in the field and the broader labor market.

Updates on ExpertGaze
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SIOPA - PWO project

Smart Immersive Occupational Participation Assessment

Occupational therapy assessments aim to map, predict or evaluate the occupational performance of everyday activities and can be important at every stage of the occupational therapy process. Digital applications such as VR are becoming more accessible and are increasingly being used in occupational therapy. The technology has even come so far that behaviour, cognitive and biometric data (e.g. attention pattern, stress, mental load) can be measured and analyzed in an accessible and practical way.

At SIOPA, we explore ways for a significant, positive impact on the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and deployability of occupational therapy assessments, by the combination of VR (immersive environment) and automated analytics (smart environment).

Updates on SIOPA
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Building a tool in VR to facilitate the interpretation of biometric parameters of an individual.

We explore the use of biosensors in VR/AR/MR training applications and training simulators to assess the mental state of the user is on the rise, reflected in a fast-growing market share for both hardware manufacturers of biosensors as companies offering internal and external training support.

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XRehab - TETRA project

The goal of XRehab is to facilitate the integration of XR applications in such a way that the deployment of these applications in rehabilitation will grow exponentially in the coming years and that this project will contribute to more efficient and personalized rehabilitation solutions.

We invite you to get involved!

Updates on XRehab!
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Within EduMaC XR we aim at building a virtual woodworking machine park, where future machine operators can learn, practice, and test their skills in a safe learning environment. We aim to develop a virtual reality application to support the training of operators of machines within the woodworking industry (e.g. panel saw), since this requires specific skills and handling of complicated and dangerous machines.

The park will have several machines allowing for hands-on practice of various skills while experiencing the future work environment. We envision it both as a tool for educators to teach more efficient skills, techniques, and safety procedures, and at the same time as a tool for learners to learn more intuitively and access unlimited practice of the core competencies that are required for their future profession.

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Other projects include:

  • * VR training applications to assist the learning process

  • * Research project on the effectiveness of a VR fire training application

  • * User research on the best guidance systems in AR for assembly

  • * Usability testing of a robotic hand for healthcare

...and many more! Contact us to discuss your own project!

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