Week's activities

What a week did we have the past week! Finally we could display and demonstrate the work we have done with HITlab_Howest in the past two years.

18 May: Guest lecture by Jelle Demanet at Department of Experimental Psychology at Ghent University for the students of Senne Braem

19 May: Laetitia De Leersnijder, Charlotte Larmuseau and Arthur d'Hooge at Techoboost Ieper with Heidi Hanssens of POM West-Vlaanderen and RTC West-Vlaanderen

18-20 May: Athanasia Symeonidou and Sam Van de Walle at Indumation in Kortrijk Expo with our adaptive VR training hosted by TUA West and Bert Vlaminck

20-22 May: "Vlootdagen" of The Belgian Navy in Antwerp where Laetitia De Leersnijder, Thibault D'Haese and Arthur d'Hooge explained our Hololens application and eye-tracking methodology that can be used in naval environments.

24 May: Guest lecture by Jelle Demanet at Industrial Product Design at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen) with Lieven De Couvreur

24 May: Breakout session by Charlotte Larmuseau and Klaas Bombeke at Learning Bytes Festival at Hangar K

We are on a roll!